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Welcome to discgolfsweden
Discgolfsweden is a website about disc golf made by disc golfers. Our purpose is to market the sport disc golf and to show the potential as a pastime activity and as a competitive sport. At discgolfsweden you will find the latest news and a lot of information.

Here you can also find the most complete golf disc database in the world with information about thousands of different golf discs and you will also find information about most tournaments in Europe.
14-10-24 - Discraft Heat
The 2014 "Ace Race disc" has received an official name and has been approved by the PDGA; it goes under the name of Heat. The driver was included in this year's Ace Race packages, the discs were made in Z-line plastic.
Mantis measures as listed below:
Some figures:
Outside diameter: 21.1 cm (max weight 175.1 grams)
Inside rim diameter: 17.2 cm
Height: 2.1 cm
Rim depth: 1.2 cm
Rim thickness: 1.9 cm
Flexibility rating: 11.00 kg
Rim configuration rating: 29.50

More info about Discraft here.
14-10-22 - Prodiscus Sparta
Prodiscus received approval for their new putter Sparta yesterday, all info we have is that it is a less stable version of the Jokeri, we will get back as soon as we know more. This is Sparta in numbers:
Outside diameter: 21.3 cm (max weight 176.8 grams)
Inside rim diameter: 19.2 cm
Height: 2.0 cm
Rim depth: 1.6 cm
Rim thickness: 1.0 cm
Flexibility rating: 5.78 kg
Rim configuration rating: 59.75

Here you can find more info about Prodiscus discs.
14-10-21 - Chainzilla
Skyquest Discs are releasing their first putter soon Chainzilla provided with a neat relief instead of a regular stamp. "A putter that will fly straight for 250 feet! Chainzilla is made in our premium plastic, both grippy and flexible. You'll find with regular use the Chainzilla still holds the same shape and form." according to Skyquest Discs. PDGA approved of course, some data:
Outside diameter: 21.2 cm (max weight 176.0 grams)
Inside rim diameter: 19.0 cm
Height: 2.2 cm
Rim depth: 1.7 cm
Rim thickness: 1.0 cm
Flexibility rating: 4.42 kg
Rim configuration rating: 56.00

Read more about Skyquest here.
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Tomas "Larsa" Ekström in full swing
Tomas "Larsa" Ekström in full swing

Christian Sandström, Paris 2000
Christian Sandström, Paris 2000