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PDGA — Professional Disc Golf Association
As member in PDGA you will become part of a large disc golf community with more then 34 000 members. All members are not professionals as the name implies, on the contrary most members are amateurs and recreational players.

PDGA members who participates in PDGA sanctioned events receives PDGA points and are ranked in PDGA's player ratings, which is a way for the player to compare his round results, both with himself but also with other players.

Application and the costs for the membership can be found at As a member you'll receive a member card, rule book, a sticker, and PDGA information via email. As a member you will have the right to play in all PDGA sanctioned events in the world which includes major events like Japan Open, USDGC, and the world championship; as long as you meet any other criteria the event might have.

Note: If you're a new member and also wants a member disc and a marker disc with your PDGA number, you'll need to pay a little extra.

As a member you'll also have the opportunity to subscribe to PDGA's member magazine which consists of 6 editions per year.

More about PDGA
PDGA writes the rules that are used all over the world (sometimes with local deviations), PDGA also approves discs, handles more than 500 PDGA sanctioned events per year with the related planning, results reporting, player rankings, and more.

PDGA was founded 1976 by Ed Headrick. 1982 the organization was transformed to a player organization and the first world championship under PDGA's supervision was hosted. Today PDGA has more then 34 000 licensed members.

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PDGA member disc
PDGA marker disc

  /Jonas Löf, translated by Jonas Grundén