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Editorial Staff
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Advertise on Discgolfsweden — Europe's biggest disc golf web site.
Discgolfsweden is a non-profit organization and any surplus will go directly back to disc golf, for example juniors in Swedish disc golf.

Advertise in our forum
An add in our forum costs €299/year. The add should be 40 pixles high. The maximum width is currently 200 pixlar, but since we don't want more then one row with adds we reserve the right to scale down adds to prevent adds from using multiple rows.

Advertise on main site
If you advertise on our main site your add will be visible in the right column. The add should be 180 pixles wide. The height is optional but maximum 180 pixles. The price for addes on the main site is €199/year.

Bundled offer
Advertise in both our forum and our main site costs €399/year.

Contact us
To contact us, click on Editorial Staff in the left menu to see our user names in the forum and write a PM to us in the forum.

Source files
The add files should be in one of the following formats:
• jpg,
• png, or
• gif.

If you want, the source files can be saved locally on Discgolfsweden's web server but we prefer if you save them on your own server and provide us with a link to the image file. This solution also have the benefit that you can change the appearance whenever you desire. Since DGS is a non-profit organization it can be hard to make changes to locally stored adds in short notice.

Discgolfsweden reserves the right to cancel the agreement and remove the add. If this should be the case, corresponding amount of the advertising fee will be refunded.

The advertising agreement runs annualy and expire 1st of of January.

Discgolfsweden have no way of invoicing the adds. The adds are payed to Swedish bankgiro 5716-3214