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Ken Climo, 11 time world champ<br/>
Ken Climo, 11 time world champ
Articles - Sveriges discgolfcentrum på nätet
The Swedish Disc Golf Year 2006
The Swedish disc golf year 2006 can be summarized as a good year with steady progress. The pace of the progress however was a bit slow for some, but at least the development goes in the right direction. Anyhow there was no great success for the Swedish top players in the majors, but the European scene was dominated by Swedish players.

International Tournaments
The 2006 Eurotour was a Swedish success. At the 10 different ET-tournaments there were 8 victories in open and 7 in the women�s division. The top three players in Eurotour were all from Sweden: Jesper Lundmark, Christian Sandström and Emil Isaksson. The women�s division was won by Lydie Hellgren.

Top 3 Eurotour - 3rd Emil Isaksson, 1st Jesper Lundmark, 2nd Christian Sandström
Photo: Martin Frederiksen

The two Swedish Eurotour events, Stockholm Discgolf Open and Skellefteå Open were the two richest tournaments of the Eurotour, both regarding purse and number of players.

Skellefteå Open - 1st Birgitta Lagerholm, 2nd Niloofar Mosavar Rahmani, 3rd Lydie Hellgren
Photo: Tony Söderström

While competing against all the best players in the world, the Swedes had harder times on the courses. No real top finishing either at Worlds, USDGC, Players Cup, Japan Open or European Open. The best result was probably Niloofar Mosavar Rahmani�s second place in European Open. Sweden might dominate in Europe towards European players, but the Americans are still too good. We will be back in 2007!

Swedish Tournaments
Swedish champions this year were Jesper Lundmark in open, Birgitta Lagerholm in women, Erik Erik Boström men's junior, Oscar Stenfelt, boy's junior and Peter Bygde, master. The Swedish champions were crowned in the Swedish championship tour that this year consisted of 5 tournaments.

Oscar Stenfelt
Photo: Tony Söderström

The Swedish team championship was won by SkellefteåDiscgolf ahead of Järva Discgolf Club. Those clubs have dominated the Swedish scene this year. 4 out of 5 individual Swedish champions were from Järva (3) or Skellefteå (1). In the winning Skellefte� team played Jesper Lundmark, Linus Åström, Tomas Ekström and Jonas Almström.

The Swedish doubles championships were won by Markus Markus Källström and Anders Swärd in Open. Emelie �Åströ and Niloofar Mosavar Rahmani won in the women's division. Magnus Lindahl and Magnus Snällfot won Men's Junior and Jonas Lindholm and Peter Bygde won the master's division.

Winners of the doubles; Anders Swärd to the left and Markus Källström to the right
Photo: Tony Söderström

The number of smaller tournaments has increased during the year. There were about 50 tournaments organized at national or regional level. Above that there were numerous smaller local events like club tournaments. For the first year Ace Race events were organized in Sweden. The tournaments were played at three courses and were very popular. There will for sure be more events next year!

The first Swedish major was announced this fall. The club Skellefteå Discgolf will organize a major in 2008 at their home course Discgolf Terminalen.

As mentioned earlier the Swedish success was not huge at the larger international events. Jesper Lundmark got the best world ranking at place 12, and in the women's division Birgitta Lagerholm stayed at 8th place. Before this year about 10 Swedish players were sponsored by some of the biggest disc manufacturers. This year this number has increased with three new players that got sponsored. Christer Köhler got a contract with Innova and Linus �Åströ and Daniel Strandberg have been contracted by Latitude 64.

PDGA Sweden has more members than ever this year with 70 players, but this figure will hopefully double several times the next years. The cooperation with PDGA Europe has started and hopefully this will result in better and bigger events and an increasing development of the sport both in Sweden and Europe. About 10 new courses were opened and there are now about 100 courses in the country. There are also a lot of shorter courses with less than 9 holes besides these.

A new website was launched that will have information about all the courses in Sweden; To begin with not all the courses are listed since the courses need complete information and also a grade. The courses are graded from 1 to 5. Two courses got the highest grade 5; Järva Discgolf Park and Discgolf Terminalen.

Discgolfer in Space
The first Swedish discgolfer in space was sent up with space shuttle Discovery on December 7 to connect with space station ISS. This is actually also Sweden's first astronaut, the former disc golfer Christer Fuglesang. Christer competed in quite a few disc golf tournaments in the late 70�s and the early 80�s. His best place was 16th in the Swedish Championships in 1980.

Golf Discs
The first Swedish golf disc manufacturer, Latitude 64, started to sell their discgolf equipment this year. First disc on the market was their midrange driver Medius, that was later followed by the putt and approach disc Sinus and the drivers Primitus and Mirus. Latitude 64 is satisfied with their first year. They have put a lot of time on developing new molds and new plastics and will continue with new golf disc releases next year. Besides golf discs Latitude 64 also produces other disc golf related products like poleholes.

With the models from Latitude 64 as many as 53 new golf disc models were introduced during 2006. The Swedish players and players around the world now have a great number of discs to chose from. 53 new models is a new record. This many models have never before been introduced in one year.

The sport is definitely becoming more international. Five totally new manufacturers have started during 2006. Quest Applied from USA, Snap from Canada, Disc Golf Aotearoa from New Zealand, Discmania from Finland and Latitude 64 from Sweden.

In Innovas large line of discs we found the new drivers Max and TeeRex and besides these discs, the midrange drivers Goblin and Skeeter that were introduced in 2006. During the year Innova has also introduced a number of older discs in the new Star plastic.

Number two in the number of golf discs produced; Discraft, introduced a new plastic "Elite Special Plastic" (ESP). The first disc in ESP plastic was the driver Surge shortly followed by the driver Pulse. Also Discrafts popular midrange driver Buzzz was released in a GT-version. In the fall the midrange drivers Meteor and Torque were released, both in ESP plastic.

Millenium also introduced a new plastic this year; Sirius. They released a more stable version of Orion, called Orion LF.

DGA had the new disc Rogue this year. Rouge is molded by Discraft and is a less stable Surge.

Gateway has not produced that much this year, but has instead released a couple of new discs in cooperation with Quest AT. Many of these discs have been of quite an unusual design. Quest AT is really trying new ways in golf disc design.

The sport that for almost 30 years has been called the sport of the future still deserves this futuristic pretension. However, signs are starting to show that the sport might be a sport and pastime activity of today, even in the eyes of the broad public. The number of courses in Sweden and other parts of the world increases, and so also the number of tournaments. Sweden has got their first golf disc manufacturer and websites that take disc golf seriously have started on the internet. This year, and of course, in the last three years,

One of the things many would like to see is better coverage in media. In Sweden maybe the new Swedish Major in Skellefteå in 2008 can be the event that opens some doors.

/Jonas Löf & Kjell Söderholm
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